The world of  PIKKULI is a safe environment but always full of surprises.

Pikkuli lives in a nest inside the forest with his mother, father, sister and brother. Honkkeli is Pikkuli’s best friend. He is a tall and rickety wading bird. Pikkuli has many friends such as the little hazel grouse chicks and their mother, spider, owl, mole.

There is always something new happening in Pikkuli’s world and Pikkuli is often faced with many challenges. Does he dare to fly or apologise? What to do when parents are fighting or when his pet looks dead? Is it right to be jealous and act selfishly? Thankfully Pikkuli makes it through it all with the help of his family and friends.

Pikkuli leads many happy stories and brings on strong emotions. The world of Pikkuli offers many things to see for different ages. At its best Pikkuli is a friend of the whole family!

Pikkuli stories began from the children’s book “Fly Pikkuli, fly!” written by Metsämarja Aittokoski and illustrated by Elli Vuorinen.

In the TV-series, the birds communicate through chirping. However, abstract ideas like feelings, fears and dreams are shown through visual thought bubbles.

The most important things in Pikkuli’s  world are

    • family and friends
    • joy and games
    • exploring and learning
    • nature and environment

The world of Pikkuli began as I started observing my children's interaction with each other and the environment. Family and friends are very important to Pikkuli. Also, helping each other, trying again after a failure and expressing one's own emotions are themes that are present in the series.

Metsämarja AittokoskiThe creator of Pikkuli characters