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Pikkuli Social and Emotional Learning

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Pikkuli Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) App Teaches Emotional Skills

Aittokoski Experience LLC has developed an app for kindergarten groups based on the animated series (26 x 5 min) Pikkuli. Pikkuli SEL App teaches co-operation, identifying feelings and interaction skills.

Big Multi-touch Screen Enables Learning Teamwork Skills

Pikkuli App supports multi-touch making it possible to be used by more than one child at a time. This feature supports learning working together and insightfulness. Pikkuli App teaches children so called 21st Century Skills, the skills needed in the working environment of today and the future.

Pikkuli Enhanced Language Learning And Interaction Skills

The Pikkuli app has been developed during the pilot project for the City of Espoo’s digital early childhood education since spring 2018. The pilot showed that the Pikkuli app boosted children’s language learning. There is no spoken dialogue in the Pikkuli animated series as the communication is based on sounds, gestures, facial expressions and image bubbles. Unlike the series, the application includes both spoken and written Finnish words. The games in the app teach children new words while they play.

The games are played together and they help identify and express different emotions. The pilot showed improvement in children’s social and interaction skills as they learned how to ask each other for help and listen to each other.

Kindergarten Staff Became Excited About Digital Equipment

Using the Pikkuli app increased the pedagogic use of digital equipment in the kindergartens. The kindergarten staff found the application pedagogically sound, easy to use and fit into the kindergarten routine.

The pilot involved more than just digital content as the application and the animated series inspired the staff and children to make paper Pikkuli figures and utilize physical elements like Pikkuli plushies and activity books.

From a pilot project to international distribution

The City of Espoo’s co-creative model was used in the implementation of the Pikkuli SEL app. After an exhaustive pilot survey Aittokoski Experience LLC provided the kindergartens with tailored Pikkuli content. The pilot project with the City of Espoo ended in December 2018 but Aittokoski Experience LLC continues developing and polishing the application and producing supplementary materials. The pilot project showed that there’s both a need and a demand for the Pikkuli application and the app will be ready for wider distribution in the first half of 2019.

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