Creators of Pikkuli

Metsämarja Aittokoski

screenwriter, author, director, producer, artist

Metsämarja is Pikkuli’s real Mother. She´s the author of the Pikkuli books and she is the main screenwriter and director of Pikkuli animations. Metsämarja is specialized in children’s culture and media content for kids. She has written and directed productions e.g. for YLE Children and Pikku Kakkonen -app.  Metsämarja sings with Pikkuli’s Pikkuli Sing and Dance Show and writes lyrics for Pikkuli songs.

Antti Aittokoski

director, illustrator, composer, artist

Antti is specialized in children’s culture and media. Antti is a versatile composer and musician and he has created the music in all Aittokoski productions through the years: theatre, movies, tv-series and apps. He’s the illustrator of Pikkuli books.

It takes lots of talented people to make the little bird fly.

Large group of professionals from different fields have been working in Pikkuli productions during the years. Pikkuli studio has also offered internship possibilities for many students.

Sanni Lahtinen and Heta Jokinen have developed Pikkuli-characters and visual style of original tv-series.

Ville Rantapuska and Aissa Nylund have designed many  Pikkuli- mobile games and apps.

Metsämarja’s and Antti’s  sons Sarka, Aarni and Ilmari have been working in Pikkuli’s Sing and Dance show and Pikkuli-album recordings.