Pikkuli and the Starlight Reindeer

Imagine the quiet, snowy forest, with sparkling snowflakes drifting down from a silvery sky. Amidst this magical landscape there arises a tragedy – Christmas is cancelled! A little bird called Pikkuli and his friends agree they must save Christmas. They just need to find the Starlight Reindeer, the magical bringer of Christmas joy, who is said to live far far in the North. But the deep, snow-blanketed forest is full of obstacles – And who knows, does the magic even exist? Will Pikkuli and friends find the answer? And will they be back home for Christmas?
Pikkuli invites you on an exciting adventure across the winter wonderland in search of the Starlight Reindeer and the Secret of Christmas.

Follow the development of this charming adventure inspired by the Nordic nature: #starlightreindeer

Project development funded by Creative Europe Media and the Finnish Film Foundation.