Pikkuli pedagogy: a scientifically effective social and emotional learning tool

Pikkuli is a captivating baby bird who lives in Sunnyvale Woods with his mother, father, and older siblings. Encouraged by his family and friends, Pikkuli dares to explore the world around his nest, even though he is not a natural pilot. However, the Pikkuli is good at many other things, and the whole Sunnyvale Wood’s animals like him as the personality he is.

Inquisitive and sometimes impatient, Pikkuli mirrors the world of a child, where daily new things to learn and many emotions come up: Would I dare to fly? When should you apologize? How does satisfaction, envy, or anger feel?

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The joy of learning from a child’s point of view

Effective and proven learning method

The Pikkuli television series and books have been scientifically found to support the learning of children’s socio-emotional skills, and based on recent research results, the Pikkuli curriculum increases children’s compassion and helping others and reduces withdrawal, depressed mood and anxiety. More than 20 education experts are behind Pikkuli pedagogy.

Pikkuli’s world is a valid basis for the pedagogy of children under school age

The Pikkuli curriculum gives the early childhood educator the necessary tools to support the development of the child’s socio-emotional skills. The whole includes more than 20 hours of training, from which a package tailored to the kindergarten’s needs and priorities can be put together.

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Early childhood education builds the foundation on which all learning is based and also the opportunity for a good, rich life.

Intervening in mental health early means intervening in early childhood because then there are greater opportunities to make an impact. So that a child can learn, be curious, and wonder at school, every child must have the opportunity for a good and safe early childhood.

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During this week, we have watched one episode of Pikkuli every morning
From the arena. I've never seen EVERYONE sit so focused as when watching these. We have also discussed each episode after watching it. The Pikkuli soft toy has also been involved in the morning circle, especially to support the new children!

Kindergarten teacherEspoo



Research-proven emotional and social learning with Pikkuli

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