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First products based on Pikkuli characters will be in stores in the autumn 2017. Pikkuli already has his own Finnish 26-episode-long TV series that is broadcasted on Pikku Kakkonen and Buu Klubben.

The series that has delighted young viewers and their parents in Finland as well as overseas has been sold to over 25 channels worldwide.

Pikkuli rubber boots for trips to forest and kindergarten

The Pikkuli products in this autumn 2017 will be sold exclusively in K-Citymarkets. The super cute Pikkuli-rubber boots that have charmed the children as well as the adults will be on sale already in the end of July. The rubber boots are designed for 3 to 6 year old children and they come in two different colours. Three-year-old product testers wouldn’t have wanted to take the boots off at all!

Pikkuli luggage bags turn the heads on the train as well as in the airport

Beautiful luggage bags with wonderfully adjusted graphics from the Pikkuli animation series are suitable for the small as well as the bigger travellers. The blue bag has a print of Pikkuli’s home tree in which you can spot Pikkuli and his family and friends. The graphics on the green bag take you to the Finnish forest. Both bags come in cabin size and medium size. The bags can be found in shops in the beginning of autumn.

More Pikkuli products coming

The charming visual style of Pikkuli animation series is seen also in other Pikkuli products that can be found in K-Citymarkets later this autumn. For example, the lovely Pikkuli prints of children’s clothing collection will delight the child as well as the parent. The importing company Agentur Arne & Mirja Holmberg Oy licenses the Pikkuli products.